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Our Research

Our team has meticulously worked since 2012 to take the theoretical concepts from invention to application that will change how we explore space.

The Concept

Variable Electro Magnetic Drive bends the fabric of Space to propel a spacecraft forward.


Edwin Hubble discovered in 1925 that the universe was expanding by observing the direct relationship between the speeds of distant galaxies and their distances from Earth. This idea has been formulated into: Hubble’s Law.

Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity states that any object that has mass creates a curve in space time. A compression of spacetime pulls other objects with mass to itself. We call this phenomenon, Gravity.  

Initial Discoveries:

There are pivotal scientific discoveries that make VEM drive possible. These were discovered by two very prominent scientists.


Edwin Hubble

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Albert Einstein

Mathematician & Physicist

The Hypothesis

The VEM Drive creates a pulling action while compressing the fabric of space in front of the drive and a pushing action from behind. The mapping of the warp signature shows critical aspects of how the VEM Drive works in space and in a terrestrial environment.

Miguel Alcubierre

The first man to put these two discoveries together: 


The Warp Field is an expansion of space time behind the spacecraft pushing it forward, while the Gravity Field is a compression of spacetime pulling the spacecraft forward. This effectively creates a "bubble" around the spacecraft where Spacetime is normal keeping the crew of the ship alive.

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