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Quick Summery

Videos of experiments



Image by Brian McGowan

2021 Cavendish Experiment

May 17, 2021 

Our latest experiment over the summer with model 13. This was done at 200W for 60 seconds and showed 2mm of movement inside of a modified cavendish box. These results show direct visual movement of an object that is separated from outside forces.

2020 High Power Experiment

June 15, 2020

Our experiment over the summer with the 3D printed VEM drive lifted 3.37lbs which is 15N, combining the weight of the drive (1.18lbs) and the cables (2.19lbs) measured with hanging digital scale. This was done at 1500W for 30 seconds and showed 4mm of lift. This test showed lift and axial movement (horizontal and vertical). Wherever you point the drive, it will move in that direction. The empirical results correspond to our prediction chart. We have more than doubled our best results from last year which was 6.26N(1.5lbs). These result results are groundbreaking!



Midnight In The Desert Q/A (09-10-2015) [15:00mins]

Radio show with Art Bell.


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