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We have done multiple presentations and papers on the compression of space-time with a VEM drive. Here we will be posting some of our most up to date information.

The highlight of the paper shows comparisons between NASA and other ion drives. Although to date we have not lifted a craft off the ground, the results posted in this paper far exceed all other space engines of this type. Our next endeavors will be to complete model 16 and raise the power to 4000W.

-by David Pares and Matthew Judah

     Within the framework of general relativity it is possible to distort space-time in a way that allows for craft to travel purely by means of the compression of space in front of and the expansion of space behind the craft. This paper summarizes laboratory investigations and preliminary findings confirming the hypothesis that the compression of the fabric of space can be accomplished without exotic energy, through the use of tri-pole electric fields and conventional power.

     The archive records indicated a sun spot number of 84 and a large solar wind of 706 km/sec which created a disturbance of the magnetosphere and energy flux transfer directly into the atmosphere.  This caused radio and navigation (spinning compass) problems on the day of Bruce Gernon’s flight.  In Bruce’s case this will do more than spin the compass it will cause an event, as Bruce calls it, Electronic Fog, and as we further explore the situation, the warping of the fabric of space or linear displacement.

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